Kestrel Creative Brand Identity

Kestrel Creative Logo Design (c) Kestrel Creative

The Challenge

It may be just a small bird, but the kestrel is unusually nimble and powerful, making it an ideal mascot for an independent design consultancy. As a new brand, Kestrel Creative needed a distinctive logo and identity to gain recognition with local small businesses.

The Solution

Inspired by the unique colors and facial markings of the American Kestrel, I created a stylized graphic of a kestrel in flight. The finished image exudes confidence, movement, and quality. The slate grey and russet colors, combined with the laid-back modernity of the type, give Kestrel Creative’s logo a distinctive Pacific Northwest feel.
Kestrel Creative Logo (c) Kestrel Creative
Kestrel Creative Branding (c) Kestrel Creative

Marketing materials, including invoice template, presentation folder, CD portfolio, business cards, and envelopes.