Full Branding & Identity

Kong Custom Carts

The Challenge

Develop a memorable, distinctive brand around a new line of shipping carts. The brand would need to communicate basic features of the cart and stand out in a crowded category.

The Solution

Using simple, bold graphics and a limited color scheme, I built a brand identity around a main selling point of these carts: durability. The “Jungle Tough” imagery enabled excellent brand recognition, and a combination of print ads, digital ads, and clever direct mail pieces generated significant interest upon launch.

B2B branding Kong Carts (c) Kestrel Creative

Sales & Marketing Collateral

I created a set of consistent pieces for Kong’s sales and marketing efforts, including business cards, folders, sell sheets, and custom die-cut flyers.

B2B Branding Kong Carts (c) Kestrel Creative

Interactive Quote Form

When researching the shipping cart market, I found that the competition’s quote forms were not very user-friendly. As an alternative to the typical jumbled, small-print quote form, I created an easy-to-use interactive PDF which broke the needed information into clearer sections. Each selected option triggered the corresponding component image to appear, so the user could get an idea of how their finished cart would look.

B2B Print Ads (c) Kestrel Creative

Print Ads

These ads ran monthly in leading trade publications in order to build brand awareness. Distinctive colors and imagery made ads memorable for our target audience, and prospects were familiar with the new brand when the sales team visited customers following the period the ads ran.

B2B Direct Mail (c) Kestrel Creative

Gorilla Direct Mail

Direct mail piece consisting of a “zoo crate” box, a plush gorilla, and a brochure introducing the Kong brand. This piece was sent out to a small list of target accounts and resulted in an excellent response rate from our most important potential customers.

B2B Sales Materials Kong Folder (c) Kestrel Creative

Sales Presentation Folder

Upscale engraved black leather folder for sales team to bring on calls.

Trade Show Booth Design (c) Kestrel Creative

Kong Trade Show Booth

Open, minimalist trade show booth design including custom-made steel tables displaying wheel options and literature.

Highly targeted

Creative and relevant

Communicated benefits

Built buzz and sales