Full Branding & Identity

rEarth Water Bottle Pots

The Challenge

Develop a brand identity for an innovative new line of grower containers made from recycled water bottles (a plastic called rPET).

The Solution

Developed a clean, simple logo which incorporated the parent company’s leaves into a blue circle, for a graphic representation of the planet. Marketing materials used blue colors and photos of water bottles turning into pots. The rEarth program has been a major success over the course of the past 3 years.

rEarth Marketing Materials B2B (c) Kestrel Creative

Sales & Marketing Collateral

One main goal of the rEarth program was to develop a graphic identity that could be understood at a glance. I used several design tactics to accomplish this goal.

First, I created a distinctive graphic representation of water bottles falling out of a recycling bin and turning into rEarth pots, to be used across media. The color blue is featured in all marketing materials, as it’s a common color for recycling bins. And since survey groups tended to relate to plastic water bottles more than plastic beverage bottles in general, I included photos of water bottles wherever possible.

The result is a brand that has become widely recognized in the commercial greenhouse industry, and has become one of the company’s fastest-growing product lines.

B2B Point of Purchase Signage Recycled Product (c) Kestrel Creative

Retail Point of Purchase Signage

Garden centers who were using rEarth containers wanted to communicate that message to their customers, the home gardener. I designed a collection of signage that communicated how the store’s pots were made of 100% recycled bottles and were curbside-recyclable.

rEarth Trade Show Booth (c) Kestrel Creative

rEarth Trade Show Booth

Because rEarth is locally made from 100% recycled material, I extended that philosophy to its trade show booth design, and created a booth that was locally constructed using reclaimed cedar from old telephone poles in Washington state. In order to communicate the Made from Recycled Water Bottle message, I designed several eye-catching booth decorations made from water bottles collected in our office, including window hangings and floor-length chandeliers.

B2B Legal Gatefold Brochure (c) Kestrel Creative

Gatefold Brochure

This brochure was designed to be the introductory piece of rEarth literature. As a high-level overview of rEarth, it needed to explain what the product line was all about, as well as communicate how using it could help improve customers’ sales and profit margins. The piece would be handed out at trade shows, mailed out to potential customers, and left behind after sales calls.

I condensed the most compelling information into a legal-sized double gatefold brochure. rEarth’s distinctive water bottle-to-flowerpot graphic filled the initial gatefold, making for a more interesting experience as the reader opens it up for the more detailed information.

B2B Client Recognition Program (c) Kestrel Creative

Million Bottle Club

This highly effective customer recognition program highlighted the efforts of leading US growers who had recycled over a million plastic water bottles by growing in rEarth containers. Those who reached the million bottle threshold were inducted into the Million Bottle Club and presented with a certificate and award (100% recycled, of course!). Kestrel orchestrated program details, PR efforts, and collateral.

Clear eco branding

Target audience appeal

Honored top customers

Built buzz and sales