Show your Colors Campaign

Surain Basket (c) Kestrel Creative

The Challenge

Build buzz and generate sales for Surain, McConkey’s newest hanging basket design. Emphasize the basket’s unique shape and bright colors. Showcase color options in each ad while maintaining a consistent style.

The Solution

Most hanging basket campaigns feature a basket full of plant material, but in trade publications that heavily advertise new floral varieties, this can lead to confusion over what is being advertised. Instead, I decided to show the basket empty but with complementary flowers in the background in the Show Your Colors campaign. This imagery worked well across platforms, boosting recognition and sales.

Surain Print Ads (c) Kestrel Creative

Print Ads

A container this unique needed an eye-catching print campaign to match, and like the basket itself, these ads were simple but memorable. Each ad featured a different basket color, surrounded by flowers and painted textures to emphasize the basket’s creative design. A call to action was placed at the top and bottom of each ad, followed by a unique phone number to track the number of phone inquiries for each color advertised. This helped McConkey gauge interest in each color and decide how many of each to bring into inventory.

B2B Email Blast (c) Kestrel Creative

Email Promotion

McConkey’s email newsletter subscribers enjoy being “in the know” on new product introductions, so we prepared several emails sharing important product dates and milestones–what the new basket looked like, when it would be available for pre-order, and when it was available for online ordering. This helped build anticipation for the release date and keep the product top-of-mind for McConkey’s most loyal customers.

B2B Postcard Design (c) Kestrel Creative


In order to build buzz and drive trade show booth visits, we sent out a series of postcards to selected attendees prior to major shows, in which a free sample & quote was offered to each booth visitor.

B2B Digital Ad (c) Kestrel CreativeB2B Digital Ad (c) Kestrel Creative

Digital Ads

Display ads on trade publication sites and search engines kept campaign messaging in front of potential customer across platforms.