Natural Science Illustration

Detailed renderings of flora and fauna. Many projects include working papers--click an image for more information.

Swan Composite Illustration (c) Kestrel CreativeSucculent Illustration (c) Kestrel CreativeTulip Poster (c) Kestrel CreativeOwl Ear Illustration (c) Kestrel CreativeJewel Frog Beetle (c) Kestrel Creativearrowheads (c) Kestrel CreativeRose Chafer Beetle Illustration (c) Kestrel CreativeStippled Pinecone (c) Kestrel CreativeChicken Skull (c) Kestrel Creative
Onion Family Colored Pencil Illustrations (c) Kestrel CreativeOwl Painting (c) Kestrel CreativeMoon Shell Graphite Illustration (c) Kestrel CreativeThree Blue Butterfiles colored pencil (c) Kestrel CreativeFiddler Crab Carbon Dust (c) Kestrel CreativeGreat Horned Owl Painting (c) Kestrel CreativeScratchboard Shell (c) Kestrel CreativeBeetles (c) Kestrel CreativeCoquielle Board Drawing Shell (c) Kestrel CreativeColored Pencil Shallots (c) Kestrel Creative
Starlings Feather Wear (c) Kestrel CreativeKookaburra Painting (c) Kestrel CreativeScarab Beetle Illustration (c) Kestrel CreativeOwl Anatomy Poster (c) Kestrel CreativeSatellite Sphinx Stipple Pen and Ink Scientific Illustration (c) Kestrel CreativeMuskrat Skull colored pencil (c) Kestrel CreativeTulip colored pencil (c) Kestrel Creativeshell (c) Kestrel CreativeMuskrat skull (c) Kestrel CreativeBeetle Illustration (c) Kestrel Creative

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