(WIP) Town Square UE4 Environment

In-progress Unreal environment that will be an 1800s Portugal town square. Responsible for all aspects of the scene, including design, modeling, baking, texturing, and lighting. For this project I followed a modular workflow so that buildings can be quickly assembled.

Alina godfrey highresscreenshot00043
Alina godfrey highresscreenshot00042
Alina godfrey highresscreenshot00033 2
Alina godfrey highresscreenshot00028 2
Alina godfrey roofs
Alina godfrey highresscreenshot00039 2
Alina godfrey highresscreenshot00049
Alina godfrey highresscreenshot00048
Alina godfrey doortex
Alina godfrey maya door frame

Setup of door UVs - trim sheet and door textures

Alina godfrey screenshot040

Limestone trim sheet used for many stone details.

Alina godfrey 36841405 the typical colorful buildings of the ribeira district in porto portugal