Moss Shader (UE4)

A dynamic moss material created for a recent forest scene in Unreal. My goal was to create a nice dimensional moss that softly captures light and helps tie the scene together. I experimented with a variety of methods, including the layered mesh technique used in Ryse and painting moss chunks using the foliage brush, but this gave me the best results. The Fuzzy Shading and Fresnel nodes were great for getting that soft mossy feel. Textures created in Substance Designer.

Alina godfrey highresscreenshot00246
Alina godfrey rotate

Moss stays on top of mesh with Transform Vector: Tangent to World

Alina godfrey coverage

Moss coverage

Alina godfrey height


Alina godfrey scaling

Scaling while keeping textures same size using World Aligned Texture

Alina godfrey edge darknesss

Edge size and darkness

Alina godfrey vertex painting

Vertex painting

Alina godfrey moss on top
Alina godfrey moss displacement
Alina godfrey color and ao
Alina godfrey moss graph

Moss Substance

Alina godfrey enchanted falls mosscloseup

In scene